“A Tale of Two Sisters” continues to be the #1 horror film in Korea for 10 years

If you’re looking for a horror film to watch this fall, A Tale of Two Sisters is a must.

In the past decade, no other Korean horror film has been able to surpass the debut theatre opening of A Tale of Two Sisters.

The horror genre in film kick started in Korea with Whispering Corridors released in 1998. Since then, many other films of the same genre have been released, but nothing has broken the record that A Tale of Two Sisters had.

A Tales of Two Sisters made its debut in 2003, featured actresses Im Soo Jung and Moon Geun Young as the two sisters, and attracted an audience of 3.12 million. At the time, it was competing with Finding Nemo and Matrix 2, taking the #1 spot on the box office charts.

Other notable Korean horror films include:

Phone (2002) – starring actress Ha Ji Won – attracted an audience of 2.6 million, topped the box office during its opening week.

Wishing Stairs (Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs) (2003) – starring actresses Song Ji Hyo and Park Han Byul – audience of 1.8 million

R-Point (2004) – starring Kam Woo Sung and Son Byung Ho – audience of 1.6 million

The Red Shoes (2005) – starring Kim Hye Soo – audience of 1.4 million, topped box office for two weeks.

Arang (2006) – starring Song Yun Ah and Lee Dong Wook – audience of 1.2 million

Netizens commented:

[+1,200 / -15] I still remember the scene when Yum Jung Ah looks under the sink so vividly ㅋㅋ I really freaked out ㄷㄷㄷ

[+1,098 / -19] ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ is really a masterpiece

[+898 / -8] ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ ‘ R-Point’ I want to see more movies like those.

[+558 / -22] ‘Whispering Corridors 1’ was sensation.

[+380, -9] I’m going to watch ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ this Friday again…

Source: MBN