Talented New Girl Group From NO:ZE’s Agency Debuts With Self-Choreographed Song

The members eagerly anticipate performing in front of live audiences.

In the vibrant world of K-Pop, a sensational new girl group has taken the stage, captivating fans around the globe with their extraordinary talent and distinct style. ADYA is the latest addition to Starting House Entertainment, known for representing popular dancer NO:ZE. The girl group has made its anticipated debut with a self-choreographed performance that is bound to leave viewers in awe.

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ADYA, consisting of members Chaeeun, Sena, Seungchae, Yeonsu, and Seowon, embarked on their musical journey with the release of their debut single, “Per.” The name of the five-member group is a fusion of the word “adventure” and the Spanish term “ya,” meaning now. With ages ranging from 17 to 20, ADYA aims to represent the younger generation who embrace self-love and are candid about their emotions and aspirations.

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During an interview with The Korea Herald, Seowon expressed their desire to break free from genre constraints and instead showcase their true colors and talents through diverse musical styles. Sena emphasized that their strength lies in their performances, and each member possesses the gift of crafting choreography in various genres, ranging from popping to heels dance.

We don’t want to be limited to certain genres but instead use our true colors and talents to try out different kinds of music.

— ADYA’s Seowon

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The members of ADYA took charge of choreographing their debut single, “Per,” including the intro, outro, and hook sections. Yeonsu, the group’s leader, explained that the song signifies embarking on a new adventure with confidence and excitement. The members’ proficiency in different dance genres provided them with a multitude of inspirations for their choreography.

Although it was quite a burden to be in charge of a debut single choreography, I think it brought us together in working toward what’s best for the group. We did a lot of research to find the best choreography.

— ADYA’s Sena

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ADYA was brought together by Im Yong Woon, the esteemed producer and founder of Starting House Entertainment, who has previously fostered the success of notable K-Pop dancer NO:ZE. Im himself has also been behind successful K-Pop idol groups such as 4Minute, Pentagon, and (G)I-DLE.

Our producer always reminds us that we should enjoy what we are doing because if not, there is no reason for us to do this. When we send him videos of us practicing he always gives us individual feedback which helped us to grow as better artists.

— ADYA’s Seungchae

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Several members of ADYA spent four years as trainees, a period not without its challenges. Yeonsu, who began training at the age of 17, admitted there were moments of weariness amidst the routine life of a trainee. During such times, she requested time off to visit her family in Daegu and sought solace by sharing her concerns with fellow members, the agency, and her sister, who is also a trainee at a different agency.

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After years of rigorous training, the girls are both excited and nervous about their debut. Chaeeun expressed that while the K-Pop market has expanded and girl groups have achieved remarkable accomplishments, it also brings a sense of nervousness to enter the scene. However, she acknowledged that their predecessors have paved the way, making it easier for new groups like ADYA to strive for new records.

We want to top the local music charts and land on the Billboard charts with our debut single ‘Per.’

— ADYA’s Chaeeun

Chaeeun | @adya_official/Twitter

With their debut single “Per,” ADYA aspires to top local music charts and even make their mark on the prestigious Billboard charts. The members eagerly anticipate performing in front of live audiences and feeling the warmth and cheers emanating from their fans.

Source: The Korea Herald
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