[★BREAKING] Tao has agreed to leave EXO, confirmed by his father in exclusive interview

On the 23rd of April, in an exclusive interview with Sina, EXO-M Tao’s father stated, “Tao has decided to leave EXO.”

In an exclusive interview with Sina, Tao’s father told the Chinese media that, “Tao has agreed to leave EXO, his treatment is going to be priority and everything else is up to Tao to decide.”

He stated that the main reason for his request for Tao to be let go is due to his health and peace of mind. “In the 3 years since his debut he attended many programs that put his health at risk. The company did not properly take care of his injuries and that pained my heart. When last I visited Korea and tried to bring Tao with me to give him proper care the company suddenly said, ‘Let’s talk about Tao’s future’. During that process they talked about his private workshop and I was ecstatic that they were finally acknowledging his hard work. But that in the end never happened. It pains me that a decision for him to leave has been made. Tao loves music and his team he never held any grudge against the company when proper care wasn’t given to his injury. As a father I can no longer watch my son go up on stage with injuries.”

Yesterday, on April 22nd, Tao’s father posted a long and emotional letter to popular Chinese social media site, Weibo. In it, he expressed his desire for Tao to leave EXO-M and rejoin him and his family in China.

Source: Cookienews