Tao Wins Second Case Against SM Entertainment After Breaking Contract

Tao won his 2nd case against SM Entertainment in the Chinese courts.

Chinese courts have once again ruled in favor of Tao in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment.


The 2nd Intermediate Court of Beijing ruled against SM Entertainment’s claim that Tao violated the terms of his contract when he made an album with a Chinese agency.

They stated that SM Entertainment’s contract conditions are not valid in China.

“The exclusive contract rights claimed by SM Entertainment are not part of the civil rights stipulated by China’s Liability Law.” — 2nd Intermediate Court

This is the same response given by the courts as the first trial, where it was determined there were no violations.


Tao left EXO in April 2015 and has since been promoting as a singer and actor in China. He lost his lawsuit in Korea against SM Entertainment back in April 2017.

Source: Yonhap