Taylor Swift Is Officially In Her K-Pop Era: Photocards And More Inclusions In New Album

Taylor Swift sunbaenim is our bias!

While fans of Western artists rarely purchase CDs today due to music streaming platforms, K-Pop fans are avid collectors primarily due to the creative album designs of their favorite artists, which include inclusions, such as photocards, posters, photobooks, and more.

K-Pop fans have long wondered when American pop artists would capitalize off the K-Pop trend of photocards, and now it appears we won’t have to wait much longer. Today’s biggest American pop star will now have collectible photocards as an album inclusion.

On Sunday, The 2024 GRAMMY Awards were held, with Taylor Swift making history by winning “Album of the Year” for her album Midnights. While Swifties, her fandom, initially thought she would announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version), she announced an entirely new album, The Tortured Poets Department. 

The album has several versions, from CD to vinyl to cassette tape. While the regular CD album includes a collectible 20-page booklet containing all song lyrics and never-before-seen photos and a 10”x10” Double-Sided Poster…

| Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

…the Collector’s Edition Deluxe CD includes even more. This limited edition album includes The Manuscript Patch, Department Bookmark, The Manuscript Magnet, and 4 Photo Cards.

Taylor Swift

K-Pop fans were shocked to see the inclusions, realizing Taylor Swift’s team must have been taking notes. Even the fact that there are several versions of one album is already so K-Pop of her!

Some suggested Taylor Swift could have also learned to include photocards through her idol friends, such as BLACKPINK‘s Rosé. Rosé, a known Swiftie, recently attended a party hosted by Swift.

Fans of both K-Pop and Swift couldn’t be more excited to collect her photocards finally. Unsurprisingly, The Tortured Poets Department  Collector’s Edition Deluxe CD sold out on her website during pre-sale. Sorry!

Hopefully, some stores, such as Target, will carry it when the release day comes!

Photocards aren’t the only way Taylor Swift has entered her K-Pop era. She has included lightsticks and light-up bracelets in her Eras Tour. Read more below.

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