Teddy Addresses Fans’ Anger On Wanting BLACKPINK To Constantly Release More Music

He knows exactly what BLINKs say and offered the full reason why.

On October 14, BLACKPINK released their highly anticipated documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky through Netflix. On top of giving fans a deeper look into the members as artists and individuals, it’s answered some questions that fans have been wondering for a long time.

One of those questions was why BLACKPINK doesn’t release as much music as frequently as other artists. Though Rosé spoke up about their desire for quality over quantity, their producer Teddy offered an in-depth explanation of why.

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From the position of the group’s producer, Teddy shared what had been the original plan for rolling out BLACKPINK’s music. They’d selected a bit of an organized approach by dropping singles, “Our initial approach was more like…single, smash, single, hit.” They soon decided to go another route.

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Rather than sticking to a formula, Teddy and the group wanted to share more of their experiences and feelings through their music. “Now, we feel like we need to tell more of our personal story.” As BLACKPINK evolved as a group, they wanted to showcase themselves more as artists.

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Since that’s caused the group release far less music than other groups, Teddy revealed that he was indeed aware of how frustrated it made fans. “And I know the fans are mad. Like, ‘We want more and more.’” He then offered the full reason why.

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Teddy set the record straight by revealing that BLACKPINK didn’t have a shortage of music to choose from and work on.

The members of BLACKPINK want to add their own personal touches and make sure it’s representative of them and the high-quality everyone expects of them: “We do have a lot in here, but…we’re very particular about what we put out.

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Although BLACKPINK may not release music every few months, the girls are hard at work making sure the music they do release is worthy of their name. After all, everything the group has released has hit the mark every time and couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a BLACKPINK song.