Teddy Introduced Each BLACKPINK Member, And His Words Will Give You Unique Insights On Their Real Selves

Teddy knows them best.

BLACKPINK‘s documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, was finally released on October 14 at 4PM KST. It is a 1 hour and 14 minute long video that details the group’s journey from pre-debut until present.

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During the first few minutes, it was their main producer, Teddy, who introduced each member. As he knew them for over half a decade, he was the perfect person to describe the girls’ characters in a few short but meaningful words.

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Check out what he said below!

1. Rosé

First up, fans got to know just how hardworking Rosé really is. Behind the camera, she’s a singer who isn’t afraid to spend hours perfecting her skills even after five years of training.

Rosie, a Korean girl that was raised in Australia. She stays here ’til like six o’clock AM just in the studio. Sometimes I’m just like, ‘Wow, you’re still here?’

— Teddy

2. Jisoo

Meanwhile, Jisoo was described as having a strong nature. Nothing ever truly fazes her, making her one of the pillars of BLACKPINK.

Jisoo, a straight up Korean girl that grew up in Korea. She’s the unnie of the group, she’s the oldest. She does have that professional poker face. I’ve known Jisoo for let’s say, six years. I’ve seen her cry…once.

— Teddy

Teddy also highlighted how besides being naturally intelligent in a classroom setting, she also knows how to approach real life difficulties with ease.

She’s super smart. A lot of people might think she’s book smart, but I would say she’s street smart.

— Jisoo

3. Lisa

Moving on, Lisa’s positive energy was emphasized by the main producer: “Lisa from Thailand. She’s always got that cool, calm, ‘it’ll be okay, we’re all good’ smile”.

Her professionalism was another point of her character that made Lisa stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to certain moments, you know, when the music starts, when it’s crunch time, she has this executioner killer instinct.

— Teddy

4. Jennie

Last but not the least, Jennie was the longest trainee among the girls. Teddy succinctly explained how straight and narrow she is, as well as just how high her expectations for herself are.

Jennie, born in Korea but moved to New Zealand. She’s super clear: her opinions, her emotions. She’s a perfectionist.

— Teddy

Summarizing his introduction, Teddy elaborated on how every member makes BLACKPINK the exceptional group they are today.

Every group has their own cultural background that makes them who they are. But the combination—that’s what makes BLACKPINK unique and stand out.

— Teddy

Check out the BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky trailer below!