TEEN TOP celebrates C.A.P’s birthday on latest episode of “Teen Top On Air”

On the latest episode of Teen Top On Air, the members of TEEN TOP celebrate C.A.P‘s birthday through an exciting activity for their leader.

During C.A.P’s birthday on November 4th, TEEN TOP celebrated their leader’s birthday with their fans through a new episode of Teen Top On Air. TEEN TOP added the tag #MrBang23rdDay as the title of their newest video in addition to adding the tag on their Twitter update.

The boys gathered together, wrote special birthday coupons for C.A.P, and vowed that he would only be able to use the coupons if he could guess what was drawn on it. After drawing out images on their coupons, the boys called C.A.P over and had him examine each coupon to guess what each image on the coupons represented. Sharing plenty of laughs together, TEEN TOP helped create a memorable birthday for C.A.P while sharing their excitement with their fans.

In addition to their most recent comeback with the album ÉXITO, TEEN TOP will be coming back with a repackaged album titled 20’s Love Two ÉXITO. The digital album will be released on November 10th, while the physical album will be in stores on November 11th.

Check out their latest episode of Teen Top On Air below!