TEEN TOP’s Chunji joins upcoming musical “On Air – Night Flight” with lead role

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji has been casted as the lead male role for a cross-cultural musical On Air – Night Flight. Since last summer, the idol has fully stepped into his musical career as well by making his debut with musical Caffeine in Korea.

The musical is a story of a popular idol group leader stationed in both Korea and Japan, but with an outbreak of a scandal, he takes a leave from the entertainment industry. After recovering from the hiatus, the once idol star turns into radio DJ in Japan and lives a successful life. Dynamic scenes are to be expected from the musical.

On Air – Night Flight has already premiered earlier this year in Japan and received extraordinary reviews for establishing a hybrid performance of musical and concert. The musical is set to perform from February 4th until February 12th of 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

Meanwhile, as 2015 commemorates the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Japan and Korea, this musical will partake as a meaningful cross-cultural product between the two neighboring nations.

Source: News1