TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji become DJs for a day at Caffe Bene

TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe and Chunji surprisingly transformed into guest DJs at Caffe Bene‘s exclusive music broadcast of On Air Music on the evening of November 26th.

As TEEN TOP’s fall release TEEN TOP EXITO amassed huge success, the members talked about the topic “I achieved at least one thing in 2014” with the listeners. They shared their experiences in earning the number 1 spot in music shows and successfully finishing their world tour in 20 countries in 2014.

The two were well spoken and humorous. In particular, the fans were frenzied with L.Joe and Chunji’s gentle voices apt for sweet coffee time. Netizens commented, “L.Joe and Chunji transformed as DJs,” “I wish I were there too,” “They are so cool,” “Hope TEEN TOP’s year-end concert finish in success,” and more.

Meanwhile, TEEN TOP is set to begin their live Japan tour with stops in five major cities.

Source: Hankooki