TEEN TOP’s Niel demonstrates how to promote a veteran group like Shinhwa

TEEN TOP’s Niel posted a rare moment and shared a photo backstage with seniors and mentors, Shinhwa

On January 20th, Niel discussed his excitement on promoting at the same time with veteran idol group, Shinhwa. The moment was shared through his personal SNS account with the caption, “As always, our seniors Shinhwa are so pleasant and charming~~.” He also promoted their respective tracks with his closing statement, “Thank you for all your support, TOUCH fighting! Don’t Make Me Cry fighting!” 

The post was well-received by his followers as Niel made his debut under Andy, a member of Shinhwa, and his management. Although he has met with the veteran group with the rest of TEEN TOP in the past, it was a rare occasion to meet his seniors as a solo artist.

A photo of Niel and Andy also took quite an interest for their adorable pose.

The artist and his boss in an adorable pose.

At present, Niel is doing his promotional run for his solo track “Don’t Make Me Cry (Love Affair)”. A track reminiscent of a man’s tears and struggles after a break-up.

Source: SEDaily