“My Teenage Girl” Choi Yoon Jung’s Alleged Past Involving Bullying, Underaged Smoking And Drinking Exposed

She was in middle school at the time of the rumored video.

MBC‘s My Teenage Girl has become highly talked about in the nation for its dramatic content and exciting survival missions, as the show continues to make headlines with every episode release. As the contestants fight for a spot in the final 7-member girl group, one contestant has started to go viral online for her alleged past.

Poster for “My Teenage Girl” Grade Level 1 contestants | MBC

An old video of My Teenage Girl Grade 3 contestant and J Planet Entertainment trainee Choi Yoon Jung has started to take over headlines for its underaged content.

“My Teenage Girl” contestant, Choi Yoon Jung | MBC

While the video has now been taken off social media platforms, still captures from the clip have remained online. According to netizens and others who have viewed the video prior to its deletion, Choi Yoon Jung can be seen smoking in the video. While that alone is not an issue to be brought up, it’s the fact that the trainee was severely underaged in the rumored clip.

Still from alleged video of Choi Yoon Jung smoking, which has been blurred out | Twitter

Choi Yoon Jung, who is currently 16-year-old, was several years younger in the circulating clip. The legal age to purchase and smoke tobacco products in South Korea is 19-years-old, which means that the J Planet Entertainment trainee shouldn’t be able to smoke, even at her current age.

*It should be noted that while it is unlawful, underaged smoking and drinking have become widely common in the nation. However, this doesn’t stop the public from forming a negative connotation about the underaged teens who choose to partake in it.


As her underaged smoking video started to gain online momentum, the situation became progressively worse as an anonymous netizen began to accuse Choi Yoon Jung of being a school bully.

According to a report made by Sports Kyunghyang, the anonymous netizen made claims that the My Teenage Girl contestant previously “bullied and beat up children in the neighborhood who did not like her.” The anonymous netizen continued with their accusations by alleging that Choi Yoon Jung also “threatened others, smoked and drank underaged. She also stole from convenient stores and Daiso.”

Anonymous netizen making claims about Choi Yoon Jung and her rumored underaged smoking and drinking | Twitter

Netizens, who watched the video in question, responded with shock upon finding out about Choi Yoon Jung’s young age and her alleged past.

| theqoo

  • “What the f*ck is this hahaha she’s an elementary student.”
  • “Wow, I have f*cking secondhand embarrassment..”
  • “But honestly, it does look like she knows how to smoke a cigarette….”
  • “Wow, she’s a 2005-er. That’s actually insane;;”
  • “I was shocked because she looks so young in the video,,,”
  • “It’s a digital generation so it’s amusing how everyone’s past is getting exposed hahaha”


While these allegations have not yet been confirmed nor denied, the original poster has since deleted their upload along with the rumored smoking video.

Choi Yoon Jung competing on “My Teenage Girl.”

Choi Yoon Jung and her agency J Planet Entertainment have not yet responded to the ongoing accusations.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and theqoo