IS Terrorist force “We will execute an action of terror in Korea, COEX on October 25th”

Breaking news is emerging on Korean media that a threat has been made against mega-popular mall, COEX, in South Korea.

It has been reported that a terrorist association based in Mali, Africa has uploaded a post through SNS stating that, “We are planning to execute an action of terror against a store near COEX located in Gangnam, Korea.”

The Seoul Gangnam police received news of this and sent in two units of infantry to reinforce security in the area.

The tip was sent from the diplomatic service of Korea to the Korean Intelligence Agency but the report only stated that the terror was to take place on the 25th. Not knowing when or if the terror will happen, the Korean police are standing guard.

A police official stated, “We are worried mostly about the super market since we have heard info that super markets are the most crowded places in Africa. Considering many things the association does not seem to have much information about Korea and we highly doubt that such terrorist actions will take place. However we cannot be 100% certain so we are reinforcing security and police forces even though the initial report on the incident did not mention an explosive of any kind.”

Source: Yeonhap News