Text messages between Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend reveal a shocking truth

In the midst of the growing controversy, Kim Hyun Joong’s ex-girlfriend has recently released a series of explicit text messages with the star.

With Kim Hyun Joong currently in the military, the case between he and his ex-girlfriend (hereby known as A) is still in court. Miss A has released her official statement regarding the situation as well as her texts with Kim Hyun Joong to the media. She explained her reasons to expose this to the public was because Kim Hyun Joong was allegedly using the media to turn public opinion against her.

Through her official statement:

1) She explained that Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer was trying to deny all three allegations.

2) These three allegations brought to the court by ex-girlfriend A are pregnancy, beating, and miscarriage.

3) She explained that her pregnancy can’t be denied since Kim Hyun Joong himself has admitted knowledge of the pregnancy through text messages.

4) She also revealed a series of text messages (at the time of her first pregnancy in May) with a friend of hers, sending pictures of the pregnancy tests and discussing the situation.

5) A also stated that Kim Hyun Joong has already admitted to the beatings in December and made her sign a paper relieving him of his charges before she got back together with him.

6) With the alleged miscarriage, she explains that it happened when she found Kim Hyun Joong naked at his home with an actress identified as C. She states that she was beaten severely in front of the other actress and then had a miscarriage soon after.

7) She plans to subpoena actress C to in order for her to testify as a witness, but many netizens are doubting whether actress C would actually come to court to stand as a witness.

8) Miss A, however, admits that this all happened due to her fault of loving Kim Hyun Joong, getting pregnant, getting beaten, and even getting back together with him. But she claims she just wants to get the truth out there before she seeks forgiveness for her faults.

9) Through text messages, Kim Hyun Joong is seen begging for Miss A to only sue him for assault and not mention of any other allegations such as pregnancy and miscarriage through beatings.

Here are the series of text messages released by the media by Miss A.

Between Kim Hyun Joong and Miss A

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.49.06 PM

Kim Hyun Joong: “How did I get left with a pig like you that gets pregnant so easily”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Really you’re such a pregnant freak”

Kim Hyun Joong: “You really can’t be sterile, you can’t”

Kim Hyun Joong: “You don’t even have insomnia ha proves that you’re healthy”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Why did you like to crawl in”

Kim Hyun Joong: “– Ah fuck I’m irritated I’m going to stop thinking about it”

Miss A: “– whew :(“

Between Kim Hyun Joong and Miss A

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.49.11 PM

Miss A:  “I really don’t know what you think you did so right that you’re suing me.. Try to organize the situation yourself.. First you got caught sleeping with woman L by me and you beat me up over 10 times.. Next you slept with a girl that works at a night bar.. And then again you got caught with sleeping with woman J then beat me up and gave me bruises. My friend B saw the bruises and saw me get beat up.. It was only four days after I had surgery after carrying your baby.. And it ended with you being angry after I said something last.. Do whatever you please. You played with me all along…”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Yeah there is nothing more”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Sue me”

Kim Hyun Joong: “I have nothing more either”

Kim Hyun Joong: “I’m not going to text you anymore”

Between Miss A and her friend

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 10.49.15 PM

Miss A: “It’s darker than this one”

Miss A: [Picture]

Friend: “Hul.. –“

Friend: “I think almost for sure?”

Miss A: “It seems like that right?”

Friend: “You’re going to have to tell him anyway but what are you going to do about it this time -.-“

Miss A: “This means it right?”

Friend: “Well I guess you have to talk with him but..”

Between Kim Hyun Joong and Miss A

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.32.05 AM

Kim Hyun Joong: “Get all of the documents back from him”

Kim Hyun Joong: “And then”

Kim Hyun Joong: “After you get a new lawyer”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Sue me for assault”

Kim Hyun Joong: “And not for bodily damage and causing death (miscarriage)”

Kim Hyun Joong: “Then I’ll make my apology statement and stuff”

Miss A: “What are you talking about.. the documents already went in..”

This conversation took place when KeyEast (Kim Hyun Joong’s agency) was told that Miss A’s lawyer had documents regarding the pregnancy and the miscarriage for the case back in December 2014. Kim Hyun Joong also mentioned in earlier texts that even his CEO and actor Bae Yong Joon asked him whether the rumors of pregnancy and miscarriage were true. Kim Hyun Joong told Miss A that only his father and older brother knew of the “real” situation.

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