Thai Actor Build Jakapan Puttha Under Fire For Insulting GOT7’s Jackson Wang In Resurfaced Leaked Messages

He has apologized.

Thai actor “BuildJakapan Puttha is under fire from Ahgases (also known as iGOT7, GOT7 fans).

Build Jakapan Puttha

Build rose to stardom with his role as Pete in the 2022 hit BL (Boy Lame) Thai drama series, KinnPorsche the Series La ‘forte.

Jakapan Puttha, nicknamed Build, is a graphic designer and actor managed by Be On Cloud. He graduated from Bangkok University with a degree in Broadcasting. He is bilingual and speaks both Thai and English. In 2017, he made his acting debut in ‘Yuea Phayabat.’

— MyDramaList

Build Jakapan Puttha | Be On Cloud

Previously, Build garnered attention as a “successful Ahgase,” having met GOT7’s Mark Tuan at the BVLGARI (also known as Bulgari) Serpenti Light Up event at ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand with co-star “Apo” Nattawin Wattanagitiphat.

This interaction made clips of Build singing GOT7 songs such as “Never Ever” at a noraebang (karaoke) go viral.

Now, Build has caught the attention of Ahgases online again, but for the wrong reasons.

Build’s alleged private messages were leaked, exposing his joking about China and insulting GOT7’s Jackson Wang. The messages began circulating months ago but have resurfaced, sparking outrage from Jackson’s fans.

According to Thai netizens, Build criticized Jackson’s appearance. He used the slang word “larb.” While this is known as a regional dish of Thailand, it has become a discriminatory insult used to mean “ugly.”

Since the messages were leaked, #BuildJakapanApologizeToJACKSONWANG trended on Twitter. Ahgases demanded the actor apologize to Jackson. 

A few days ago, Build posted an apology via Twitter. He confessed it was his private messages and expressed regret for his words.

About private chat in the past and things that I inappropriately said that hurt other. Till now I’m very sorry and guilty. I would like to apologize to everyone I mentioned and didn’t mention. I apologized to took responsibility for what I did to people I referred to. So I want to let everyone know that I’m not like that anymore. I regret it. And from now on I’ll be careful with my words and I won’t upset other again. No matter how many times I apologize, it wouldn’t be able to bring back the good feeling. I truly understand that. And later whatever will happen, I sincerely apologize here.

—  Build Jakapan Puttha via @Anotherwhoiam/Twitter

Even his former on-screen partner, Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, unfollowed Build on Instagram since the messages were leaked. Bible is known to be a fan of Jackson Wang.

Build has been on indefinite hiatus since KinnPorsche co-creator Poi Patchayamon Theewasujaroen accused him of cheating, abuse, and scamming during their two-year relationship. The actor said, “I want everyone to be patient while we go through the legal process. I believe the truth will prevail in court, and the justice system will bring me justice.”

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