Thai MC Under Fire For Exploiting Lisa’s Solo Success To Invalidate Fellow Thai Idols BamBam And Nichkhun’s Careers

This is not ok.

Thai MC Moddam Kachapa is under fire for comments he made about the solo debut of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, which invalidated the successes of her fellow Thai Idols GOT7‘s BamBam and 2PM‘s Nichkhun.

Moddam Kachapa | Moddam/Facebook

On the Chae Show aired on the GMM 25 network, Kachapa was discussing Lisa’s solo release, “Lalisa”, when he began to discredit her fellow idols, saying that they’ve “never seen a [Thai] superstar go this far.” This massive insult quickly blew up on Twitter.

The Twitter user who uploaded the clip of his rude comments also found a prior instance where the MC had made a similar comparison between the idols.

K-Pop fans across multiple fandoms were stunned by the MC’s behavior and by midday “#แบนมดดํา” (which roughly translates to #BanModdam) had more than 1.2 million tweets. “BamBam” was also trending with more than 550k tweets and multiple variant hashtags like “#ApologizeToBamBam” and “#RespectBamBam” being used.

Even with all the negativity, fans rallied together to show off the successes and friendship of the three idols.

Moddam Kachapa uploaded an apology to his Instagram account later in the day, but many fans found this apology hollow.

It is unclear what will happen regarding the future of the MC. The official Instagram of the Chae Show has re-uploaded his apology, but fans continue to call for further action regarding his behavior.