The Complete Explanation As To Why Marvel’s Black Panther Was In Busan South Korea

Producer Ryan Coogler describes why Busan was chosen as a filming site of “Black Panther”.

The big-budget blockbuster, “Black Panther”, has achieved immense success globally and thanks to its success, Korea’s Busan has been gaining spotlight as well!


Producer Ryan Coogler explains the story behind his selection of Busan as the film site of the car chasing scene.

“Because the action scene took place at night, there had to be a great night view and I also wanted to show a traditional side of the region. We were in need of a unique, different film site.”

Source: Marvel Studios


He also explained that the traditional aspect of the markets located in Busan was also a big factor in making his decision.

Source: Lasting Transitions

“During the search, I noticed some similarities between the city Busan and my hometown. Aspects such as the hustle and bustle of Jagalchi Market felt very familiar to me.”


The scene begins at Jagalchi Market and passes through Gwangandaegyo Bridge to Haeundae in a thrilling car chasing scene.

Source: Marvel Studios / Lexus


Many Korean viewers were very happy and proud to see Busan in a large-scale, global film.

Source: SBSFunE