The Sudden Death Of This Famous K-Drama Producer Is A Complete Mystery

The death of an assistant director for K-drama Drinking Solo is being deemed “suspicious” as investigations reveal more specific details. 

On November 10th, it was reported that the assistant director (identified only as “Lee“) was found dead at a hotel in Gangnam at around 4am on October 26th. Although it was initially ruled a suicide, suspicions have been roused by the late reporting of his death.

“Lee” graduated almost at the top of his class from Seoul University and received an honorable certificate from the Air Force for his active duty. He joined CJ E&M and tvN as a production director in January of this year and was described as a “Good samaritan and all around flawless guy.”  With such glowing track record and with his career as a production director just starting, some have been left wondering why he would choose to take his own life.

It seems, however, all was not well, as an acquaintance of his claims that Lee had been treated poorly due to his background and was miserable because of it. While over 2000 of his college aquaintances have visited and paid their respects to the late Lee, the family has refused any visitors from CJ requesting that they make clarifications to exactly what happened with Lee.

Other theories surrounding Lee’s suspicious death have been entertained. Prior to Lee’s death, CJ E&M’s CEO suffered a sudden illness, followed by the death of his daughter-in-law. These two are currently among those accused of being involved in the recent Park Geun Hye and Choi Soon Sil political scandal.

Could the suicide, Park Geun Hye and Choi Soon Sil political scandals, the CEO’s illness, and the daughter-in-law’s death all be related?

Lee’s family, suspicious themselves, have been pushing for a deeper investigation to be made into the facts of the case in a bid to restore some honor to their son’s name.

Lee’s last project with tvN was Drinking Solo, which aired from September 5th to October 25th. The cast and crew were reportedly scheduled to go on vacation together after the drama wrapped up and no statements about the death of their assistant director have been made.

Source: AsiaToday and AJUNews