The teaser for Gary’s final “Running Man” episode might break your heart

In light of Gary’s departure from the program, Running Man releases a preview of his last episode titled, “Goodbye Gary.” 

On November 4th, Running Man teased fans with the concept behind Gary’s last episode, which challenged the members to complete the 7.700 km task. The cast members were not allowed to leave filming unless the task was completed.

During the last mission, Gary was trying to keep his emotions at bay as he told his fellow Monday Couple co-star Song Ji Hyo to do her best and confessed,“I decided not to cry today.” However, the recording did not fail to film the artist try to conceal his emotions throughout the entire mission.

Meanwhile, Song Ji Hyo was also said to have lived up to her name as “Ace” as she raced every effort to present the winning prize to Gary.

Gary’s final mission will air on November 6th, 6PM KST on SBS. 

Source: Dispatch