The Truth Behind Nayeon’s Personality Revealed

TWICE‘s Nayeon has been under fire for her alleged cold behavior towards both her group members.

On several occasions, Nayeon has been accused of being rude to her fellow group members, with some netizens claiming to have evidence of her bad attitude through GIFs. However, fans have responded to these claims by putting some of the GIFs in question into context, showing that rather than being cold, Nayeon is actually incredibly friendly and close with her TWICE members.

Stealing Chaeyoung away from Dahyun

Nayeon seemed to be clinging onto Chaeyoung while ignoring Dahyun. It seemed as if Nayeon had pulled Chaeyoung away from Dahyun and tried to walk somewhere else. 

However, Dahyun was talking to fellow member Sana before joining Chaeyoung and Nayeon. This photo shows that Nayeon was also talking to Dahyun, rather than ignoring her.

Death glare at a fan

Nayeon was also caught glaring at one of her fans as if she disliked her fan, but that is a habit of hers. When Nayeon focuses on something, she tends to frown as a habit.

This is the expression Nayeon makes when she is thinking deeply.

Glaring at Sana

Although it looked like Nayeon was glaring at Sana, the two were playing together. This is evident through their matching banana phones.

Ignoring Mina

Nayeon was accused of being cold towards Mina by not linking arms with her. The photo below shows Nayeon linking arms with Chaeyoung who is on her right side, but not with Mina who is on her left side.

However, a screenshot from the same episode showed Nayeon linking arms with Mina who is on her right side, but not Chaeyoung on her left side. Nayeon tends to have a habit of linking arms with whoever is on her right side.

Ignoring Dahyun

A GIF was cut showing Nayeon releasing Dahyun’s hand as if she didn’t want to hold hands with Dahyun. A longer clip revealed that Nayeon had grabbed Dahyun’s hand first, and only released Dahyun’s hand because she had to complete her mission.


Nayeon appeared as if she was making an annoyed face while talking to Dahyun.


Fans clarified that Nayeon tends to seem as if she’s making a face when she’s just enjoying the food. 


Sabotaging Sana


During 5 Minute Delay, Nayeon was seen trying to take the blanket away from Sana which caused a misunderstanding. Because 5 Minute Delay is a live broadcast and they had to move to let the other artists in quickly, Nayeon had to rush out of the room quickly. Because she was in such a hurry, it seemed as if she was taking the blanket away from Sana.


Pushing Mina away

A shorter clip from this scene looked as if Nayeon was pushing Mina away, but she was merely trying to hold Mina’s hand.


While it’s easy to draw conclusions from short gifs, Nayeon has shown countless times that she loves all of her fellow group members.

Source: Pann