Clear Signs That BTS Is Preparing To Take Over The UK

BTS is getting ready to take over the UK.

BTS’s heightened popularity is proven by their current popularity in the US. Now, the UK is ready for the BTS domination as well.

London Evening Standard posted an article about the impressive world chart performance that BTS has been showing, and that it’s getting more and more people’s attention around the world.

“This is a highly polished phenomenon we haven’t seen in a while. Expect the UK to succumb next.”

— The London Evening Standard

As if it wasn’t enough, BBC News also posted a long column about BTS and K-Pop on their website, declaring that the hype is real and they are here to stay. The article clearly analyzed why the popularity of BTS is significantly different from PSY’s Gangnam Style phenomenon, concluding that this is completely different, as they use the forms of different social media platforms to communicate with their fans.

“…come 2017 and enter BTS, the seven-piece boyband who last year managed to go where no K-pop act had gone before by conquering a notoriously difficult and unforgiving market: the US. A highly successful US tour propelled their musical combination of pop, hip-hop, and R&B – mostly in Korean – on to the global stage.”

— Heather Chen and Minji Lee, BBC News

Move over Americans, it’s our time to enjoy BTS! says the British ARMY!

Source: BBC News