THE BLACK LABEL Collaborates With P NATION For A Female Solo Artist’s Upcoming Song

This will be their first collab ever!

THE BLACK LABEL and P NATION will have their first collaboration for a female solo artist’s soon-to-be-released song.

Heize | @heizeheize/Instagram

THE BLACK LABEL houses many talented producers who have written songs for BLACKPINK, Jeon Somi, and BIGBANG. Producers R. Tee, Vivian, and Kush recently participated in solo artist Heize‘s song, which will be released on April 5.


Singer and rapper Heize gained attention for being on the second season of Unpretty Rapstar and is known for her mellow yet groovy songs, such as “Star,” “Don’t Know You,” and “Jenga.” She signed with P NATION in 2020 and joined singer and CEO Psy‘s group of talented artists, including Crush and Penomeco.

Heize on Unpretty Rapstar 2 | Mnet

With Heize’s unique sound and THE BLACK LABEL producers’ producing skills, this collaboration has fans waiting at the edge of their seats. This is the first time THE BLACK LABEL and P NATION have ever collaborated, and fans are curious to see what kind of sound they will create.


Source: Sports Chosun