Agencies Respond To The Boyz Q and MOMOLAND Nancy’s Dating Rumors

They addressed the dating rumors.

The agencies of both The Boyz‘s Q and MOMOLAND‘s Nancy have responded to rumors claiming that the idols were dating.

Q and Nancy were allegedly spotted drinking alcohol together with a group of others including The Boyz’s Eric and Cherry Bullet‘s Jiwon.


Some have since been speculating that Q and Nancy were in a relationship and some angry fans even demanded an explanation.

In response, The Boyz member made a public apology to fans during their recent fansign event and made it clear that the rumors were not true.

We are just friends and nothing more. We will be more careful in our actions and will do our best not to disappoint everyone in the future. We are sorry.

ㅡ The Boyz


Moreover, the agencies of both The Boyz and MOMOLAND have denied the rumors and clarified that the two were only friends.

It was a gathering of friends around the same age after their schedule and it ended within 1-2 hours.

ㅡ MLD Entertainment (MOMOLAND’s agency)

It is not a relationship. It was a short gathering of friends around the same age.

ㅡ The Boyz representative


Moreover, MLD Entertainment threatened to take legal action against further speculations.

If speculations regarding this issue continue, our agency will be taking legal action.

ㅡ MLD Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga, News Culture and Ilgan Sports