Koreans Are Divided With The Joke That THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Played On His Staff During A Live Stream

The matter is sensitive given the issue of social hierarchy.

THE BOYZ‘s Younghoon recently stirred up controversy when he played an innocent, friendly joke on his staff during a live stream. It is a well-known fact that companies often monitor the live streams held by idols. This can be for various reasons, such as image management and the safety of the idols. These staff help to block and report malicious comments in real-time and make sure nothing goes afoot.

Younghoon got mischievous during the live stream. He was eating a piece of bread when he made a comment directed at the staff watching.

| @deobimom/Twitter

I suddenly feel like drinking orange juice. I’m saying it because it seems like if I say it this way, I’ll soon be able to drink it.

β€” Younghoon

Sure enough, a hand opened the door and slid in a glass of juice. Younghoon clapped his hands in excitement.

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He retrieved the cup from the stand by the door.

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He appeared satisfied with his joke and juice.

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Younghoon knew that his staff was watching and indirectly asked for some orange juice to be brought to him. While most fans saw it as an innocent joke…

…the matter soon stirred up a discussion. Koreans were upset on behalf of the staff as they felt that the joke crossed the line.

Netizen reactions to the matter. | theqoo
  • “I know that he didn’t have malicious intent. I hope he can be more careful in the future…”
  • “It doesn’t seem like he’s power tripping, but I think I know why celebrities catch the celebrity disease… It’s right for the manager to do this for him if he’s in the middle of a live stream, but if this becomes taken for granted and he doesn’t know how to be grateful, then he’s gotten arrogant.”
  • “It’s not the problem of if he asked them to bring it over or if they just brought it over anyway, but it’s that their relationship has subtle nuances of a hierarchy no matter how close they are, so it’s just so unlikeable that he’s basically beating around the bush to say that if I ask them to bring something over, they’ll do it. If, at your workplace, your superior says something like oh, I want to drink orange juice, then everyone will be on their toes. It’s only right for him to have asked politely. There’s no need for him to have shown this in front of the fans.”
  • “Huh, you think this is cute and funny? It’s just so impolite.”
  • “It’s a joke played by a gab (the one with more power) to an eul (subjugated)… If this happened to me too, I don’t think I could say anything good.”
Netizen reactions to the matter. | theqoo
  • “Did he start to think like this since he has so many people around him who take care of him? But anyway, it doesn’t mean that all idols are like him in the video.”
  • “If he just said thank you…”
  • “If there was more of a nuance where he said thank you for bringing it over, things wouldn’t have gotten to this point…”
  • “If he wanted juice, he should’ve respectfully asked, no matter how close they are.”
  • “Seems like this is what they call celebrity disease. As an office worker, I feel so bad.”

While some fans argue that he seems to be close to his staff, others feel that there is still a line that cannot be crossed. With social hierarchy and power-tripping becoming a massive issue in Korean society and the idol industry, many feel he should have been careful. Cre.Ker Entertainment has not spoken on the subject.

Source: theqoo