THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Apologizes For Inconveniencing A Non-Celebrity By Accidentally Leaking Their Number

He apologized for the matter.

THE BOYZ‘s fans got into a little spot of an issue recently after a Korean citizen was flooded with calls and texts after an oversight by member Younghoon. As Younghoon was conversing with fans through the messaging function on Universe, he accidentally leaked “his” phone number as a joke. Of course, the number he listed was not his number but one crafted based on THE BOYZ’s debut date. Unfortunately, the number was an existing one belonging to a regular person.

The person was flooded with calls and messages and expressed having a hard time. Eventually, Younghoon uploaded an official apology on the group’s fan community page.

| Nate Pann

Hi Deobies, it’s Younghoon. Although I’ve already apologized to the person who was inconvenienced by what I said on the 16th through the private messages [on Universe] through the company, I want to say I’m sorry once again. I think I did not think things through as I was just conversing comfortably with fans.

After I mentioned our debut date and then deleted the message with the number, I found out that the number actually belonged to someone. I ask for the fans’ understanding so as not to further inconvenience that person.

In the future, I will make an effort to be more careful and cautious in communication and to only show you guys good sides of me.

Thank you.

— Younghoon

Hopefully, that will put a rest to things. Read more about the issue below.

Korean Citizen Gets Flooded With Calls After THE BOYZ’s Younghoon Accidentally Leaks Their Number

Source: Nate Pann