Kim Sunggyu, Gong Minzy, Jay B Reveal Judging Criteria For Survival Program “The Origin- A, B, Or What?”

This is a show worth checking out!

The judges for Kakao TV and MBN’s first balance survival program, The ORIGIN- A, B, or What?, recently revealed their own judging standards and points to enjoy the program through a written interview. The show is an audition program that deals with the debut survival process of a global boy group that IST Entertainment is planning to debut in the first half of this year. As the first balance survival audition in Korea, 13 trainees will compete in three rounds of the survival balance game with the highest difficulty level, and through fierce competition, they will become the debut members of the new rookie boy group.

Before the first round, the judges revealed their expectations and judging criteria for what they consider top priority when selecting global idol members. For the most important judging criteria, INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu chose singing ability and confidence, Gong Minzy chose ability to dominate the stage and whether they had the star-like quality to capture the audience, and GOT7’s Jay B chose teamwork and being expressive on stage without breaking the teamwork.

The judges also agreed that the 13 trainees with various charms was a reason to watch The Origin and that because it is the first balance survival audition in Korea, it will sure to add fun for the viewers. 

Kim Sunggyu commented, “Although it may seem heartless to have to choose one between the two, I hope that you will support all those who are working hard towards their dreams.” Jay B commented, “As the participants with amazing skills have done their best to prepare, there will be a lot of fun things to see on the stage itself”. Gong Minzy added, “The passion and pure effort of those who are running towards their debut will touch many who watch the show”.

As seniors who became a K-pop idol and performer on the global stage after being a trainee, they did not spare any advice to the trainees. Kim Sunggyu stated, “Regardless of whether or not they debut, I hope that all trainees will do their best and think that this is a precious moment in their lives”. Minzy stated, “I hope that this stage, which you put a lot sweat and tears into, will touch the hearts of many people.” Lastly, Jay B stated, “I hope you show everything that you have without getting hurt”.

On the other hand, the show will premiere on March 19 at 5 PM KST.

Source: chosun
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