[★TRENDING] This theory about “Goblin” may explain the true identity of Deok Hwa

Before we get into this popular theory about Deok Hwa’s (Yook Sungjae) identity in the popular drama “Goblin“, be warned that this article may contain possible spoilers to those who have not watched the 9th episode of “Goblin“.

After the airing of the latest episode of tvN’s hit drama “Goblin”, Korean netizens have been going crazy with the speculation that the rich corporate heir Yu Deok Hwa (played by BtoB‘s Yook Sungjae) is actually God or the Elder Wol Ha. As the color blue and red are symbolic colors for this mythical figure, fans also claim that the fact Ji Eun Tak always sports a red scarf while Kim Shin uses blue flames give strength to the fact that this mythical figure will play a role in the drama.

Elder Wol Ha is a popular figure in Korean legend that oversees marriages and coupling. He uses red and blue threads to connect fated couples together.

1. Sam Shin speaks formally only to Deok Hwa


In the beginning of episode 9, Sam Shin and Deok Hwa were seen passing by one another, and she spoke to him using formal speech. (In Korea, formal speech is used when speaking to someone of higher position or with respect). This scene has led viewers to think that this might be a hint at his identity as the God.

One of the first scenes in the drama also features Deok Hwa and Samshin in a parallel manner, and some believe that this portrays that he and Samshin have an important connection.

Another point of note is the fact that Deok Hwa sports a blue coat while Samshin wears a red outfit, another use of the color blue and red which signifies man and woman in the legend of Elder Wol Ha.

2. Deok Hwa found Eun Tak when Goblin couldn’t


In episode 9 as well, Goblin and the Grim Reaper looked everywhere for Eun Tak when she left the house. At the beginning of the scene, a butterfly was seen flying around the ski resort, which was where Eun Tak was working at.

In the story, Goblin has mentioned before that the God appears in the form of a butterfly and was attempting to communicate with it (this can be seen in episode 8). Deok Hwa’s voice could be heard after that, notifying the Goblin that he had found her. This has led to strong suspicions that Deok Hwa may actually be the God or Elder Wol Ha after all.



3. Sunny’s reference to Deok Hwa as God


Sunny (played by Yoo In Na) owns a fried chicken shop in a building owned by Deok Hwa. In episode 6, she referred to him as “Joonim, Gunmooljoonim”, which means “Owner, Building owner” but viewers of the drama are speculating it’s a word play as “Joonim” in Korean means “God” or “Christ”.

4. Goblin tells Eun Tak that she’s the only human in the house.

In the latest episode, Goblin told Eun Tak that she’s the only real human in the house, and that seems to be a strong hint at Deok Hwa’s identity as well.

So, what do you think? Is it merely a theory or could Deok Hwa really be God after all?