There’s A Cafe In Japan Solely Dedicated For Straps Between Boobs

Now you can enjoy the view of strap-between-boobs while you enjoy your nice dessert and beverage.

Japan has some pretty out-there cafes, but now there’s one dedicated to when a strap of some kind slips between a woman’s breasts and accentuates them.

There’s a word for this phenomenon in Japan – paisura. A mashup of the words oppai (woman’s breasts) and surasshu (slash), it literally means ‘boob slash’ to reflect the diagonal slash made between the breasts by seat belts or bags straps.

Muchi Cafe is hiring five models to be a part of their pop-up project dedicated to paisura, which is due to open around Tokyo’s popular Shinjuku station in March.

The cafe will seat four customers at a time for 90-minute settings. The models will be present throughout and must wear clothes that produce the paisura affect.

Muchi Cafe is keeping the menu quiet until it launches, but judging from most themed cafes and restaurants in Japan, there could be strap-and breast-themed cakes and desserts to eat.

As unusual as this sounds, a similar cafe opened in Tokyo last year, inspired by the works of renowned Japanese photographer Yuria, that allows customers to admire the beauty of women’s thighs while they wine and dine.

The cafe menus feature ladies’ thighs, which will most likely the inspiration behind the upcoming Muchi Cafe.

Source: Nextshark