These Are 2016’s Trendiest Idols, Singers, and Groups

From idols to singers to groups, there have been quite a few people who were trending in 2016.

As 2016 winds down to a close, it is important to note those who have made an impact on the industry this year. This year Gallup Korea, a specialized research company, contacted 10,765 males and females from ages 13-59 in order to get a thorough perspective on who were the trendiest of 2016. Amongst those 10,765 contacted 4,200 responded and these were the results.

2016 Top Singers & Groups
This list consists of those who rocked the industry this year with their music and influence.

20. Lee Moon Se & Park Hyo Shin

Lee Moon Se finished a 56 show tour where every show sold out.
park hyo shin
Park Hyo Shin’s “Breath” achieved an all-kill on music charts

18. Cho Yong Pil & Guckkasten

Cho Yong Pil just finished his concerts held on December 17th and 18th. / Credit: Reuters
Guckkasten recorded the 2016 LCK Summer Theme Song for League of Legends.

17. Kim Bum Soo

Kim Bum Soo
Kim Bum Soo has been touring internationally in 2016.

16. I.O.I

I.O.I show off their cute complexions in "Miss You" group concept / Image Source: YMC Entertainment
I.O.I’s “Very, Very, Very” hit #1 on Korean music charts

15.Hong Jin Young

Hong Jin Young released her mini-album, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, this year.

14. Sung Si Kyung

Sung Si Kyung
Sung Si Kyung sang “Somewhere Someday” for the drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea.

13. IU

5 IU
IU starred as the lead role in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


SISTAR released their EP, Insane Love, on June 21st.

11. Lee Seung Chul

Lee Seung Chul celebrated 30 years as an entertainer with some concerts in Canada.

10. BTS

BTS has been selling out shows for their upcoming tour.


BIGBANG’s album, MADE, was just released on December 12th.
G-Friend Official Twitter
GFRIEND released their EP, Snowflake, in January, followed by their album, LOL, in July.

7. Gummy

Gummy released her OST, You are My Everything, for the drama Descendants of the Sun.

6. Lee Sunhee

Lee Sunhee performed concerts at the Sejong Center Grand Theater in September.

5. SNSD 

SM Entertainment

4. EXO

EXO released their third album, Ex’Act, on June 9th.

3. Jang Yoon Jung

Jang Yoon Jung has released multiple albums and still holds her popularity.


TWICE’s dance for “TT” was a huge hit among fans and idols alike.

1. Lim Chang Jung 

Lim Chang Jung
In 2016, Lim Chang Jung released his 13th full album, I’M.

2016 Top Idols
Unlike the previous list, this one focuses on individuals within idol groups who have made a name for themselves in the industry.

20. BTS – Jungkook 

Jungkook was #10 on Time Magazine’s list of “The 10 Most Talked About Music Artists” on Twitter for 2016.

18.  MAMAMOO’s Solar & EXO’s Suho

Image: RBW
Solar and Eric Nam were a popular couple for We Got Married.
Suho "Pathcode"
Suho surprised fans with his amazing speech at the Melon Music Awards 2016.

15. Miss A’s Suzy, TWICE’s Jungyeon, & I.O.I’s Somi

Suzy’s single, “Dream,” featured EXO’s Baekhyun and was a huge hit.
Jungyeon is one of the MCs on SBSInkigayo.
Image: I.O.I Jeon Somi / YMC Entertainment
Rumors have been circulating that Somi will become the 10th member of TWICE.

14. BTS Jimin 

Jimin was the second most talked about artist on Twitter.

13.  Block BZico 

Zico released his music video for Bermuda Triangle, which featured Crush and Dean.

12. Red VelvetIrene 

Image: Red Velvet's Irene for "Russian Roulette" concept photos / SM Entertainment
There was speculation that Irene was dating Park Bogum.

11. TWICE Nayeon 

Nayeon is known as the “spoiler queen” and she may have hinted at collaborations with other groups.

10. AOA – Seolhyun 

Seolhyun and Block B’s Zico broke up this year.

8. EXO‘s Baekhyun & BIGBANG‘s Taeyang

Baekhyun was confirmed as part of EXO’s first unit group with Chen and Xiumin.
Taeyang is set to enlist in the military next year.

7. SISTAR – Hyorin

SISTAR Official Facebook
Hyorin was featured on Far East Movement‘s “Umbrella.”

6.  Apink – Eunji 

Apink Jung Eunji "Hopefully Sky" MV
In a survey of many top music companies, Eunji’s vocals tied for second with IU.

5. EXOChanyeol 

EXO's Chanyeol / Image Source: SM Entertainment
Chanyeol rapped on Far East Movement’s “Freal Luv.”

4. BIGBANG – G-Dragon 

G-Dragon held an event with (RED) where the winner would get an all expense paid trip to Korea to have a private meal with GD.

3. TWICE – Tzuyu 

Tzuyu has been working hard with TWICE as she graduated from middle school in Taiwan this year.

2. IU

IU held her 24 Steps: One, Two, Three, Four concert on December 3rd and 4th.

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon planned on collaborating with Wiz Khalifa for the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, but it didn’t end up happening.

Check out the full lists below.


1. Lim Chang Jung
3. Jang Yoon Jung
4. EXO
5. Girls’ Generation
6. Lee Sunhee
7. Gummy
10. BTS
11. Lee Seung Chul
12. Sistar
13. IU
14. Sung Si Kyung
15. Hong Jin Young
16. I.O.I
17. Kim Bum Soo
18. Cho Yong Pil
18. Guckkasten
20. Lee Mon Sae
20. Park Hyo Shin


1. Taeyeon
2. IU
4. G-dragon
5. Chanyeol
6. Eunji
7. Hyorin
8. Baekhyun
8. Taeyang
10. Seolhyun
11. Nayeon
12. Irene
13. Zico
14. BTS’ Jimin
15. Suzy
15. Jungyeon
15. Somi
18. Solar
18. Suho
20. Jungkook

Source: Gallup