These Female K-Pop Idols Have Not Only Beauty, But Brains As Well

With Korean female celebrities often times objectified for their looks, image and style, a small number are actually regarded for their intellect as well. 

A report on Sports Chosun regarded the top 1% of Korea’s “sexy female brains” after a few celebrities have qualifications that got them a MENSA member or Harvard University education.

Top on the list is Girl’s Day’s leader, Sojin, who despite being known for her feminine and youthful concept images and dance routine is actually an engineering major at Youngnam University. The same qualification goes for singer Lee So Eun who graduated with an English degree from Korea University in 2007 before attending NorthWestern Law School. She is reported to be working as a deputy director of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Other celebrities on the list includes actress Yoon So Hee, a graduate of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Tecnology (KAIST), Ha Yeon Joo, an actress with an IQ of 156 and a registered MENSA member. Lastly, anchorwoman Shin Ah Young was noted for her educational qualification as a History major who graduated from Harvard University and interned at the Royal Bank of Scotland before her current role.

Source: SportsChosun