The Third Generation Idol Who Got A Call From His Ex-Girlfriend Before Debuting After Becoming”Handsome”

The idol spilled on hearing from his ex-girlfriend from elementary school.

Although idols are the definition of perfection when it comes to visuals, many netizens love seeing past photos from when they were at school.

Idols’ visuals might not be as refined, but pre-debut school photos show that they were always destined to be a superstar. In particular, many idols have shared their past experiences at school, revealing that they had admirers even before debuting.

BTS V pre-debut picture from school
NewJeans’ Minji pre-debut picture from school
NTC Jaehyun’s pre-debut picture from school

Yet, that isn’t always the case, and recently a third-generation idol shared a story about being contacted by an ex-girlfriend, all because he got more handsome than when they dated.

When it comes to a group of handsome idols, SF9 is always mentioned. With their insane talent, unreal proportions, and dazzling visuals, the members always gain attention from netizens.

Members of SF9 | @SF9Official/Twitter

In particular, member Jaeyoon has always gained attention for his visuals. Since debuting, Jaeyoon’s more innocent visuals have matured and become truly handsome, with many even comparing him to a prince.

SF9’s Jaeyoon | FNC Entertainment
| @SF9_Fanclub/Twitter

Yet, it seems as if not everyone always thought Jaeyoon was handsome.

Jaeyoon recently appeared on an episode of Love Recall. The episode featured a man looking for a relationship that cannot be forgotten even after ten years have passed. The cast of the episode spoke about their own experiences and what they would do if an ex from ten years ago wanted to meet.

The SF9 idol instantly explained that he would be suspicious, but only because he had experienced it before. Jaeyoon explained that he was once contacted in high school by an ex-girlfriend while he was preparing to debut, all because she thought he had “changed.”

My ex-girlfriend from elementary school contacted me in high school after seeing how much I had changed. I used to wear glasses but I took them off in high school and I also grew much taller.

— Jaeyoon

Jaeyoon then revealed that a friend had messaged him explaining that she wanted to meet him. Yet, he chose not to all because he didn’t feel right that she only wanted to contact him after he became more “handsome.”

I received a message from a friend that she missed me, but I didn’t meet her. At that time I just thought, ‘Why?’ Because I wanted her to love me even when I wore glasses…

— Jaeyoon

Unsurprisingly, after hearing that she wanted to contact him, Jaeyoon revealed that he was really upset that it was only once he stopped wearing glasses and grew taller that she wanted him.

Why did she suddenly want to meet me again now that I took off my glasses and grew taller? So I was really sad and felt betrayed.

— Jaeyoon

Visuals change over time, and there is no denying that Jaeyoon is one of the most handsome idols in K-Pop. Yet, he would’ve had the same heart and personality when he was younger. It isn’t surprising that Jaeyoon felt hurt that the ex-girlfriend only wanted to contact him when she thought he had become “handsome.”


Source: @jy_bonheur
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