Third-Generation Idol Has Fans Shook With Her Sexy Transformation

“Protect unnie at all costs!”

Former Lovelyz member Mijoo stunned netizens with her sexy transformation.

Mijoo |

On April 26, Lee Mi Joo uploaded several photos to her Instagram without providing any context in the captions.

In the photos, Mijoo is seen posing for a photoshoot.

| @queen.chu_s/Instagram
| @queen.chu_s/Instagram

Fans were shocked, however, at how revealing the photos were. In the photos, the idol is seen wearing a cropped shirt revealing her bra top underneath.

| @queen.chu_s/Instagram
| @queen.chu_s/Instagram

Mijoo also revealed photos of the idol revealing her back.

| @queen.chu_s/Instagram
| @queen.chu_s/Instagram

Netizens and fans reacted in shock and praised the idol for her bold photoshoot. Many complimented the idol for showing a side that they hadn’t seen before.

  • “Yoo oppa (Yoo Jae Suk) is going to be shocked.”
  • Unnie, you are so pretty ㅠㅠ. But how can you dress like this! Protect Mijoo unnie at all costs!
  • “You are a goddess.”
  • “Our queen is hot, hot!”
  • “Queen Mijoo, you are pretty.”
  • “Ah! This is too sexy! But you look like a pretty jade goddess.”
  • “Aren’t you too sexy? My heart!”

Meanwhile, many fans are anticipating Mijoo’s solo debut next month.

Source: @queen.chu_s/Instagram