Third-Generation Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Unreal Body Proportions, Making Her Look Much Taller Than She Actually Is

“Woah, I thought she would be over 170cm tall.”

A third-generation K-Pop idol, who is also a huge variety star, is gaining attention for her unreal proportions. Mijoo, who debuted in Lovelyz back in 2014, has shocked fans with her “model” like body and elegance, making her seem much taller than 165cm.

K-Pop idol Mijoo | @queen..chu_s./Instagram

Mijoo recently wowed fans after making her hotly anticipated solo debut with the song “Movie Star.”


Yet, aside from her stunning talent in the video and her reputation as a true variety star, Mijoo has recently become a hot topic for her height.

In recent photos, since the idol made her solo debut, Mijoo has gained attention for looking a lot taller than she actually is. While her official height is billed at around 165cm, the idol seems to radiate a much taller energy.

| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo

Even amongst her backing dancers, Mijoo seems to be around the same height as them all, but in most of the shots, she is bending her knees.

| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo

In particular, netizens couldn’t believe Mijoo’s height when standing next to actress Jeon So Min, who is said to be 1.68cm. Not only was Mijoo seemingly taller, but it was by quite a bit, considering the idol is meant to be 4cm shorter than the actress.

Mijoo and So Min | theqoo

| theqoo
  • Just looking at her, Mijoo looks like she’s 172cm tall, but to hear she’s only 168cm tall, LOL. She’s so small.”
  • “164???”
  • “Woah, I thought she would be over 170cm tall.”
  • “If you look at her pictures, she really looks like she’s around 170cm tall.”

While Mijoo might not be as tall as netizens expected, her confidence and energy truly make the idol shine and give her a larger-than-life presence.

Source: theqoo
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