A Third-Generation Male Idol Is Going Viral For “Hating Men”

It was all to do with enlisting in the military and interactions with soldiers.

DAY6‘s Wonpil is going viral after his reaction to a military story went viral for the narrative that the idol “hates men.”

DAY6’s Wonpil | JYP Entertainment

Wonpil has just been discharged after serving in the Navy for his enlistment and being the first idol to do so.

Wonpil during a performance while enlisted
DAY6’s Dowoon, Wonpil, and Young K | Digital +

During the first radio show, with all four DAY6 members back, the members were sharing stories. In particular, Dowoon shared an anecdote about when he was a soldier.

When I was a private soldier, the senior soldiers would blast my songs… Like they would play it really loud on purpose.

— Dowoon

After hearing his story, Wonpil responded, “Ugh, right.”

Dowoon then went on to explain that the soldiers would urge the idol to sing along, adding, “And they would ask me, like, ‘Hey Dowoon, sing!’ They were playing around, but yeah.”

While Wonpil only said one line, based on his facial expression, it seemed like he was relating to the experience. While he only says, “Right,” within context, it could be more translated to, “I know what you mean.”

Although the initial tweet got many likes…

A RT also gained attention, which caught the attention of international fans and set the narrative that Wonpil “hates men.” In the tweet, the OP replied, “Ha. Looks like he hates Korean men as much as I do.”

When international netizens saw the tweets with massive levels of engagement. Although it was more related to the military rather than men in general, some saw Wonpil’s reaction as hilarious.


On a more serious note, netizens pointed out that in the past, netizens had seen messages about Wonpil from those in the army. While it seemed like a joke to them, netizens pointed out the tone and that his experience was quite different from his other members.

While the narrative remained light-hearted when the video went viral, the reaction of Wonpil and Dowoon’s story emphasizes the prejudice and treatment idols have revealed they get when enlisted.