The Third-Generation Male Idol Gaining Attention For “Living His Best Life” After Leaving A K-Pop Company

He debuted in 2016 and recently signed to a K-hip-hop label!

While being a K-Pop idol is the dream for so many people, it can come with a lot of restrictions and rules from companies. There is a certain expectation that K-Pop companies have, and it can sometimes be suffocating for idols who want more freedom.

One third-generation male idol is gaining attention for living his best life after leaving a K-Pop company, and it’s VICTON‘s Hanse.

VICTON’s Hanse | @dxhxnxe/Instagram

Hanse debuted in 2016 as part of VICTON. For many, the group is one of the most underrated in K-Pop, boasting unrivaled songs, and members with distinct personalities that seamlessly bonded together with unrivaled chemistry.



Hanse also shined when he made his solo debut in 2021 with the album Blaze



Yet, while VICTON is still a group, Hanse was one of the members, along with the younger members, who chose not to resign with IST Entertainment when it came to their contract renewals. The older members’ contracts are still ongoing due to military commitments.

At first, fans were curious about the future of Hanse, and they couldn’t hide their excitement when the idol announced in August that he had signed to the hip-hop label Dial Music, created by Korean rapper BIGONE, and also has just signed soloist Dive.

| @dxhxnxe/Instagram
| @dxhxnxe/Instagram

Yet, rather than having to wait for new material, Hanse was ready to share his new career path with fans. Whether it was appearing in BIGONE’s song “Pop-Punk” with a fitting cameo…

Or performing at the Rapbeat festival, Hanse made sure to continue to showcase the best sides of himself and even promised a new album coming up very soon.

Throughout this time, he has also kept netizens and ALICE updated on Instagram.

| @dxhxnxe/Instagram
| @dxhxnxe/Instagram
| @dxhxnxe/Instagram
| @dxhxnxe/Instagram

When a video was shared about Hanse’s new ventures, the OP shared just how happy the idol looked at his new company.


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When the video was posted, it quickly gained attention from netizens who couldn’t hide how happy they were that Hanse was still performing and being able to shine outside the constraints of a traditional K-Pop company.

While Hanse will always be part of VICTON, it is great to see the idol venturing out and doing his own activities. Hopefully, it will make the group stronger when they come back together.

Source: @skzzz28