Korean Actress Reveals She Struggles Finding Jobs Because She’s Too Tall

She’s one of the tallest actresses in Korea.

Former supermodel turned actress Lee Da Hee revealed her struggles of being too tall and how it affects her as an actress.

Left to Right: Lee Da Hee, Seol In Ah, gugudan’s Mina, and Goo Hara

At 176cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall, she is one of the tallest actresses in Korea.

Because of her height, she is always on a diet.

“Since I’m so tall and have wide shoulders, I start looking really big if I gain weight. There’s a pretty clear difference [in my body image] when I gain or lose weight. I’m always on a diet so I can lose weight and appear smaller.”

She was even mistaken for a basketball player due to her height.

“Someone approached me while I was working as a supermodel. I was anticipating what they would say, but they asked me if I was a basketball player.”

She also doesn’t like that she has big feet—260mm to be exact, due to her height.

Another issue she faces is difficulty in her drama roles. Many dramas prefer a height difference of around 10cm (4 inches) between the male and female leads, but it’s harder finding male leads who are around 186cm (6 feet 1 inch).

Even with these limitations, Lee Da Hee’s popularity exploded after her roles in I Can Hear Your Voice and Secret Love, winning awards for both dramas.

Source: 1boon