Popular Actress Becomes Unrecognisable After Extreme Weightloss

Actress Lee Tae Im turned heads at a recent public event after losing a dramatic amount of weight. 

On February 20, Lee Tae Im was one of the celebrities that attended the premiere of Lucid Dream. She captured the attention of the press with the casual but trendy approach to her outfit. She was spotted wearing a black ensemble, with a black top layered by a leather jacket, paired with ripped jeans and boots.

Lee Tae Im looks transformed after her successful diet.

What caught the most attention, however, was her slender figure. A drastic weight loss compared to her curvy figure in the past. It was assumed that her sudden change in weight was due to her successful diet.

Lee Tae Im still looked stunning before her drastic weight loss.
Lee Tae Im flaunts her curves for this Cosmopolitan shoot
Known for her curvy figure, Lee Tae Im appeared thinner as usual at the premiere of Lucid Dream.
Many are considering her transformation as their own “body goals”!

Lee Tae Im attended the public event in support of Lucid Dream. The film is about Go Soo’s character who finds clues about his missing son’s through his dreams. It was released in South Korea on February 22.

Source: Dispatch