This Has To Be The Cutest Cover of TWICE’s “TT” Ever Made

TWICE‘s latest song “TT” has become such a global trend that fans and celebrities from all over the world are joining in on the fun!

In addition to other idols and even Japanese celebrities performing the point dance for the track, the trend is now hitting even kids! For example, an adorable three-year-old Korean toddler wearing a bunny coat using cute bunny face filter has been going viral for her “TT” cover.

In about her month, her short Instagram video has really blown up, garnering over 350,000 views in about a month since it was posted. Check out the clip below:


Upon watching the toddler perform her rendition of “TT” in her bunny outfit, fans couldn’t help but be reminded of Dahyun’s costume in TWICE’s music video, where she won the hearts of everyone with her shuffling and ear wiggles.

Rewatch Dahyun’s classic scenes below: