(★BREAKING) This Is How K-Pop Idols Are Reacting To Jonghyun’s Death

Celebrities around the world have reacted to the shocking news of Jonghyun’s sudden passing.

Celebrities around the world have reacted to the shocking news of Jonghyun’s sudden passing.

1. Day6’s Jae

2. 15&’s Jimin

3. 2PM’s Nichkhun

4. Kiseop

“My heart is hurting so much…
Please tell me it’s not true…please”

– Kiseop

5. Jerry K

“Such a huge shock.
May he rest in peace.”

– Jerry K

6. Bubzbeauty

7. 2PM’s Junho

“I can’t believe it. I don’t want to believe it..”

– Junho

8. Lee Jong Bum

“I heart this tragic news while I was working. May he rests in peace. His voice which brought happiness to so many people gave me much strength for my work as well. I am so sad.”

– Lee Jong Bum

9. Julian Quintart

“I first met him during a radio show…he was such a good person and an amazing artist who composed his own music. He made such a deep impression on me that we exchanged numbers…you were such an amazing being…why…”

– Julian Quintart

10. UKISS’s Soohyun

I really don’t want to believe it…ah

– Soohyun

11. G.SOUL

12. Alexander

13. 2PM’s Jun.K

“My heart hurts so much.
Inside that bright image we saw there must have been so much conflict and pain…
I hope he rests peacefully..”

– Jun.K

14. Ha Min Woo

“May he rest in peace..”

– Ha Min Woo

15. B.A.P’s Zelo


“Let us be happy, let us not hurt”

– Zelo

16. Jo Kwon

“My heart hurts so much…so so much
He received so much love but his void nor his loneliness was filled.
It must have been so lonely, you worked hard, and I’m sorry.”

– Jo Kwon

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17. Isu

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“I don’t know you too well but you were a talented junior and it’s such a shame. Become a little bird if you must and visit those who care for you often. May you rest in peace.”

— Kahi

18. Kahi

“Sigh…..I received the news late….as a colleague…I just pray that he rests in peace……………..my heart is heavy.”

— Isu

19. Luhan

Can’t believe it. Rest in peace, the best main vocalist.

— Luhan

20. Lee Hi

“When I first heard this song and recorded it I forgot about all my hardships and was consoled by many people and I was so thankful. It’s a heartbreaking day. Maybe the lyrics to this song was what he wanted to hear from others. May he rest in peace.”

– Lee Hi

21. Han Seo Hee


“I met you when I was 19 so it’s been nearly 5 years now. When I called you after practice and complained about how hard it was you always listened and I could meet up with you over drinks comfortably and talk to you openly.

Oppa, you always gave me advice and scolded me. I don’t know why but I depended on you a lot. I liked you a lot and I told you all the time that you were a good person. You were always someone amazing, and someone I had to learn a lot from. I used to see you often when I was down or bored but after I was in this controversy I couldn’t call you..I admit I was embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I should have.

I should have called you and kept badgering you to meet up. I regret it so much that I’m going crazy. I had no idea that you were having a hard time. Even as I’m writing this, I can’t believe it I want you to say it’s all a lie and come back to life. Oppa this really isn’t right. Whenever I said I wanted to die, you would scold me. Why would you die. I really don’t understand. I’m so angry. How can you be like this. I want to go back in time just a day and beat you out of doing this if I have to.

I know I can’t, that’s why it makes me even more sad and crazy. I always complained about everything to you and I didn’t know what you were going through.

This whole situation is terrible…I miss you oppa..I’ll come see you soon. I will come quietly so it doesn’t cause you harm…I’ll see you soon..it must be cold..just wait a little bit oppa.”

– Han Seo Hee

22. Jay Park

23. Dumbfoundead

24. Highlight’s Yong Junhyung

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“I am quietly mourning today, much like everyone else who is overwhelmed by sadness.

My heart aches with this unfortunate news.

Instead of lighting a candle for the ones we love, I will pray for those we’ve lost.

I sincerely hope you rest in peace.”

— Yong Junhyung

25. Ailee

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“It’s been a long day… Always loved and never forgotten… To [Jonghyun] who will always be loved and never forgotten… Rest in Peace”

— Ailee

26. BTOB’s Peniel

27. Tao

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“It was a cold day when I first went to Korea and visited a broadcasting station.

That’s when I heard the song ‘Hot Times’ for the first time.

I treasure the memory.

Thanks to this performance, this song, I wanted to stand on stage faster and practice harder.

Thank you for giving me strength.

You were the first senior that I met in Korea.

No words can express how I feel right now.”

— Tao

28. FT ISLAND’s Hongki

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“I’m so sad that my hands are shaking.

We debuted around the same time, so we became so close

I’m not sure what made you suffer so much

But I hope you only experience happiness there, Jonghyun.”

— Hongki

29. Steve Aoki

30. Alex Reid

31. Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu

“Jonghyun would always laugh brightly.

Even just a few days ago, you greeted me with a smile when we met at the gym

I was even jealous of your bright smile… I can’t believe it…

I didn’t know you had so much pain

So much that you couldn’t wipe away with your smile…

You loved singing even while exercising… I hope you won’t hurt anymore and are happy…

My prayer goes to you. R.I.P”

— Sangchu

32. FT ISLAND’s Jaejin

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33. Zhoumi

“…I still couldn’t dare to believe it until now.

I keep remembering the days we practiced together.

A boy who loves singing so much

I hope you rest in peace…

I hope you’ll no longer worry and no longer have stress where you are.”

— Zhoumi

34. Sam Hammington

“Jonghyun… RIP. TT”

— Sam Hammington

35. Junggigo

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“I thought suddenly crossed my mind about how people live in lies.

I still remember clearly the sparkle in his eyes while we talked about which parts of songs we liked and why we loved an artist or a song.

That’s why I feel more empty.

We need to be there for those who lost Jonghyun tonight.

As a fan and someone who loved music together, I pray he’ll rest in peace.”

— Junggigo

36. Youtube Music

37.  Psy

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“Rest in peace Jonghyun”

– Psy

38. Jia

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“I’m hurting so so much and I can’t stop my tears from falling. You did well”

– Jia 

39. Yeeun

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“I loved the song “Breathe” so much. Thank you for your warm consolations….I hope you can rest peacefully…rest in peace..”

– Yeeun

40. FT ISLAND’s Seunghyun 

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“We met when I was in high school and it feels like just yesterday when we were sharing our worries, hardships and advices. I feel like my last goodbye to you wasn’t good enough and that hurts me even more. I’m sorry hyung…”

– Seunghyun 

41. Michelle Phan


43. 15&’s Yerin

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“I can’t believe a person warm, kind and gentle person has left us… You were an amazing senior who I shared music I created with and talked about music with….I’m going to miss you so so much. You shone so brightly that I wanted to be like you, I will keep you in my prayers everyday. Thank you for all of your music.”

– Yerin 

44. Baek A Yeon

“When I won first place in a music show for the first time, I still remember to this day the kind senior who threw confetti together with me and congratulating me…I hope you can be rid of everything that hurt you and tired you and that you can be peaceful there. Rest in peace.”

– Baek A Yeon

45. Crush

46. Roy Kim

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“He was a pure, sensitive and warm flower that shouldn’t have been picked”

– Roy Kim

47. Tiger JK

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“Rest In Peace”

– Tiger JK

48. Lee Joo Yeon

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“Jonghyun…it’s so sad and my heart hurts so much…how lonely you must have been…become an even brighter star in the skies and rest in peace.”

– Jooyeon

49.  Goo Hara

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50.  Taeyeon

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51. Hyosung

“You wer a good senior, a friend and a younger brother. I can’t fathom the weight he had on his shoulders but I hope he can lay them all down and rest in peace where he is now. You did so well. Rest in peace.”

– Hyoseong

52. Se7en

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“You’ve really worked hard…”

– Se7en


53. CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa

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“I will sincerely pray…. that you’ll become a star in a place with only happiness and joy…and that you will shine even brighter but only for yourself.”

– Jung Yonghwa

54. BewhY

“I had the chance to be with him on his radio show the “Blue Night” and “DMC”. Although I did not get to see him often he was always kind and always full of passion as an artist. I truly wish that he would rest in peace.”

– Jonghyun

55. Gray

“Although the moments we shared were brief I won’t forget, I’ll remember. I hope that you can be happy there, that you can rest in peace.”

– Gray

56. DinDin

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“I never became friends with him but I kept running into him at the gym. He would always smile and hi first and care for me so I would linger around him and talk to him because I wanted to get close to him. I was always happy going to the gym at the thought that maybe he would be there again and trying to think of what to talk about with him….and my heart breaks at this unbelievable tragic news. You did very well. I won’t forget how warmly you welcomed me. I wanted to become friends with you hung. I hope you rest in peace.”

– Dindin

57. Nicole

“My heart hurts so much….”

– Jonghyun 

58. Monotree’s Hwang Hyun

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“We really weren’t a great fit. Our thoughts never aligned and we fought emotionally beneath the surface. You bothered me and I got frustrated. I didn’t understand why you wanted to work with me still for every album. Do you know how angry I got because of ‘Lonely’ this year? ㅎ I wanted to make up with you over drinks sometime but you really are a jerk you make me feel sorry until the end. I never knew I’d miss the days we made small talk at the studio. I’m sorry. I should have done better by you. Rest in peace. I’ll see you later. You did well.”

– Hyun Hwang

59. Philtre

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“Jonghyun the passionate musician and amazing artist has left far away. Working with him was always a new challenge and I learned a lot during those precious times. I wanted him to call upon me more but you left to such a far away place so suddenly. I truly hope you can rest in peace in that place.”

– Jaewon

60. Makoto Shinkai 

61. Ryan Jhun

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62. Kim Hye Soo 

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63. Pyo Chang Won

64. Yugeun

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65. 2PM’s Jun.K

66. Wonder Girls’s Sunye

67. Boys Republic’s OneJunn:

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68. 9MUSES Sungah

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69. Ulala Session Myunghoon

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70. Yoo Soyoung

71. J-Min

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72. B1A4’s CNU

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73. Kwon Sohyun

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74. FT Island’s Jonghoon