This Is What Donald Trump Ate While In South Korea

Everyone was curious to find out what Korean food President Trump enjoyed during his visit to South Korea.

President Trump enjoyed a feast that began with a tray composed of corn soup and vegetable side dishes, all grown locally in Korea.

The corn soup signified the alliance between South Korea and the U.S by highlighting how an ordinary food can turn into a magnificent dish.

Then he was served with grilled sole from Geojedo, the hometown of the president Moon Jae In.

Sole is also Donald Trump’s favorite fish, and it was served to president Moon Jae In when he visited the Whitehouse.

After the sole, pine mushroom rice in a stone pot was accompanied by grilled Korean beef ribs seasoned with a special sauce made from s 360-year-old soy sauce. Japchae, kimchi, and shrimp caught from Dokdo were also served.

As a dessert, triple chocolate cake with raspberry vanilla sauce and granita made with a cinnamon punch with dried persimmons were served.

The US President revealed that he had a wonderful time enjoying the various culture Korea had to offer.

While in Korea, Trump also visited the U.S military base, Camp Humphreys, and celebrated “Taco Tuesday” with tacos, burrito, and curly fries.

Source: NoCutNews