Popular Model Threatens To Expose Her “Top Model” Ex-Boyfriend

“He was the absolute worst.” 

Popular model, Song Hae Na threatened to expose her top model boyfriend.

Song Hae Na | JTBC News

The model was featured on the latest trailer for Strong Heart League, in which she mentioned that she had dated a top model for four years.

I dated a top model for four years.

— Song Hae Na

In the trailer, the model then revealed that her ex-boyfriend “Was the absolute worst.”

Song Hae Na goes on to say that the two are on civil terms now, but the model threatened to expose her ex-boyfriend if he ever called her again.

We aren’t on bad terms anymore. (To ex-boyfriend)If you ever call me again, I will reveal your name (to the public).

— Song Hae Na

Meanwhile, Song Hae Na is a popular model who debuted in 2011. After a successful career in modeling, Song Hae Na has become an in-demand TV personality. The model is currently a host on the popular dating show I Am Solo and features on SBS‘s football show, Kick A Goal.

Find out why Song Hae Na called her ex-boyfriend the worst in the latest episode of Strong Heart League. In the meantime, you can check out its trailer in the link below!




Source: wikitree