Three of BTS’ tracks deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS

Even before their official comeback and album release, KBS has deemed three of BTS‘ tracks unfit for broadcast due to lyrics.

Tracks that have been banned from being aired, include “Converse High,” “Heungtan Sonyeondan (흥탄소년단),”* and “Lovers High.”

According to KBS, “Converse High” was not fit as the lyrics contained brand names, including Converse, Chanel, and “F your Alexander McQueen.” The track “Heungtan Sonyeondan” mentions a particular product brand as well, in addition to lyrics of foul language.

Similarly to “Converse High,” the track “Lovers High” also mentions certain brands as well, and therefore was found ineligible for broadcast. “Lovers High” was also banned from airing on MBC, and judging from SBS is currently still being waited on.

However, despite three of their tracks banned on KBS, BTS and its agencies have made a statement that they will not be modifying the lyrics nor making an application of reconsideration.

BTS will return with a new album on April 29th.

*Heungtan Sonyeondan (흥탄소년단) = Play on words that translates to BTS full of fun and joy

Source: Star News