Three K-Pop Idols Trend Worldwide On Twitter As Fans Celebrate Their Shared Birthdays

GOT7’s Jinyoung, TWICE’s Nayeon, and X1’s Yohan received love from fans in celebration of their birthdays.

With so many people born around the world every day, it’s believed that around 20.8 million people share a birthday. But within the world of K-Pop, September 22 is a particularly special day as six beloved idols share the same birthday. Those idols are GOT7‘s Jinyoung, TWICE‘s Nayeon, and X1‘s Kim Yohan, Apink‘s Yookyung, Stray Kid‘s Seungmin, and Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon.

Fans of three of the six idols were able to get their bias’ special day trending on Twitter, and those three idols are Jinyoung, Nayeon, and Yohan!

Fans of each idol began Tweeting in celebration of their bias as close to midnight (KST) as possible in an effort to get them trending worldwide. At the time, the hashtag #HeyGuysItsJinyoungDay was the number two trending topic.

Jinyoung’s birthday hashtag was followed by Nayeon’s, #ItGirlNayeon, which trended at number five worldwide.

GOT7 stans also wished Nayeon happy birthday after a fan tweeted a video of the singer wishing her birthday buddy Jinyoung a happy birthday.

And, X1’s Yohan’s birthday hashtag trended at number four.

Each group also posted official birthday greetings for their respective members.

Happy birthday to all the birthday buddies who share the September 22 birthday with these amazing individuals!