These Three Male Visuals Were Seen At The Cartier Event And Yes, They Did Leave Everyone In Awe

Holy visual trinity.

On September 19, top visual idols L (INFINITE), Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO), and Kang Daniel were spotted attending the launch party of French luxury good conglomerate, Cartier. Many weren’t expecting this visual trinity to attend the event, but no one is complaining!

L sported a simple black blazer and black pants, looking as classy as ever with some Cartier bracelets on his wrists.

Like L, Cha Eunwoo was also spotted repping Cartier bracelets. He was seen wearing a matching grey blazer and trousers with a black inner shirt.

Kang Daniel, who also wore Cartier bracelets, sported something more modern. He wore a unique sweater and classed it up with some trousers.

Though fans weren’t able to see much interaction between L and the other two idols, many were surprised to find Cha Eunwoo and Kang Daniel hanging out together, with Eunwoo even giving Daniel a hug! It seems the two are close friends who are finally able to hang out!

People don’t know what they did to deserve this visual heaven, but people are glad it happened!

Source: TheQoo