Three point concepts for “KBS Gayo Festival” revealed

The three point concepts for the upcoming KBS Gayo Festival have been released on December 16th. KBS plans to showcase more than 20 different teams who will be participating in this celebration and one group will receive the “Best Song of the Year Award.”

The first point KBS says why viewers should watch is “Love.” The ongoing theme for the Gayo Festival is going to be “love” and the official key phrase is “Music is Love.” The KBS’s producer/director, Lee Se Hui, said music has the power of love and he wanted to highlight this strength through the Gayo Festival.

The second official point is “Fair,” or “Fairness.” All the artists who released new music this year will be judged on a fair criteria, and not judged based on the song, album, and broadcasting ratings. The PD said that the stage will be set up to cater to the many teams that will be performing and in order to embrace the history and tradition, the whole crew will try their best and use the best equipment available.

The third and last official point is “Harmony,” meaning “Unity.” The Gayo Festival is currently planned to beautifully embody the previous and current generations through stage preparations and collaboration performances. The KBS staff are expecting to receive positive responses for the upcoming performances by the top idol groups.

The MCs for the event were announced on the December 14th, including Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona, 2PM‘s Taecyeon, and comedian Lee Hwi Jae.

The KBS Gayo Festival will take place on December 26th at 8:30PM KST at the KBS Hall and will be available to view live on KBS 2TV.

Source: Sportsworld