Here Are Three Reasons Why Stray Kids’ Felix Should Be The Sixth Member Of ITZY

JYP Family unite!

Felix has been an MC of “Pops In Seoul” this year and he has been teaching many fans the basics to some of the most popular K-Pop choreographies this year.

Felix is no stranger to perfecting choreographies, especially girl group choreographies.

This week however, he hit the ball out of the park when he covered his fellow JYP Entertainment label-mates ITZY.

His flawless cover of their recent comeback and his warm feelings towards the group has many fans convinced that he could be the sixth member of ITZY.

The first reason for why he would be such a great candidate is because he is already close to ITZY already!

He revealed that he is close friends with the ITZY members.

They’re a girl group I’m pretty close to. And was that too easy? Yes, I’m talking about ITZY

JYP Entertainment groups are known for the genuine friendships that exists within their groups and ITZY’s five members have already shown how much they care for each other.

While Felix already has a wonderful relationship with his fellow members, he would fit right in with ITZY as he is already friends with them after training alongside them for years.

The second reason is that Felix has already nailed ITZY’s greeting!

Greetings are an important expression, especially for rookie groups like ITZY who are steadily introducing themselves to the public.

And greetings are also a great representation of the group and showcase their closeness with the fans and with the audience.

In fact Felix is such an expert at the greeting, that he even taught the audience how to do ITZY’s greeting.

The final, and perhaps the most important reason, is that Felix flawlessly covers ITZY’s choreographies.

Felix is already well-known as a charismatic dancer, and he would definitely feel right at home with ITZY’s powerful dance abilities.

If you’re not convinced then take a look at this cover of “ICY”.

Many fans have been hoping for Felix to be accepted by ITZY as their sixth member.

All in all, it is wonderful to see the closeness between JYP Entertainment idols still persists.