TXT’s Yeonjun Responds To ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki Wanting To Collab With Him

They’re fans of each other!

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki is a big fan of TXT‘s Yeonjun as are all of us! In an episode of TXT & ENHYPEN Playground, Ni-ki revealed that he wants to collaborate with Yeonjun in the future.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

He has also previously mentioned that he watches Yeonun’s live broadcasts in his free time. He’ll even re-watch them!

You know how Yeonjun-sunbaenim does solo VLives? I really love those a lot! I’ve watched it like 3-4 times. I watch it when I’m alone or when I’m bored.

— Ni-ki


Today, Yeonjun hosted a live broadcast, and a viewer commented, letting him know that Ni-ki also watches.

| @sela_jungwon/Twitter

Yeonjun was surprised to hear but expressed his thankfulness. He remembered working together on TXT & ENHYPEN Playground fondly.

I also enjoyed watched his dance. Oh, and we filmed a variety show together. I really like Ni-ki. He’s so cute! I really like him and it’s great to dance with people who love dancing… Let’s dance together, Ni-ki!

— Yeonjun

| @sela_jungwon/Twitter

It seems like they are both fans of each other! We’re hoping to see them dance together in the future.

Source: TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Big Hit Labels and @translatingTXT
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