Tiffany Says She’s Desperate To See Taeyeon Again

Tiffany would have always chosen a career that involved music, one way or the other.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany opened up about her feelings while promoting her new American track “Over My Skin”.

Tiffany played with puppies while asking fan questions with Buzzfeed.


She admitted that even if she wasn’t a singer, she would still be involved in the production of music in some way, whether that be behind the scenes or in the arts or fashion side.

“I feel like I’d probably be doing the arts side, or the behind the scenes side to music or fashion…or puppies!” — Tiffany


She explained that “Over My Skin” is a song for everybody, about finally being comfortable in your own skin, and combines everything she loves about K-Pop and the pop music she grew up with.

And she requested her fans come up with a fandom name, but pleaded it not be “fannypack”, as some suggested.


When asked, “Is Taeyeon still desperate?”, Tiffany cleared the air by explaining why fans think Taeyeon is desperate to see her…

“It was during their interview, and Seohyun was like ‘You need to go see her!’ and Taeyeon was like ‘I’m not that desperate’, and it was a joke but I guess the fans love when we use pretty intense keywords and that’s why they were like ‘Yeah, Taeyeon’s desperate!’ And she posted a support post about my song, and she put like every pink emoji there is and that takes a lot of time and heart. And fans were like, ‘yeah, totally desperate!” — Tiffany


…and admitting they are “both desperate for each other”!

“She just loves me, we love each other. Yes, we are desperate for each other. Does that clear everything?” — Tiffany


Check out the full interview below: