Tiffany Breaks Down In Tears After Watching Her Girls’ Generation Members’ Surprise Video Message

She couldn’t hide her tears.

During Tiffany‘s documentary special, her GirlsGeneration members surprised her with a special video message where they opened up about how they truly felt about Tiffany.

Taeyeon began by expressing how grateful she is to have Tiffany’s bright energy around to help lift her up.

Tiffany to me is…

Whenever I’m feeling down, she’s always there to cheer me up and lift me up. She’s like an energizer to me.

She always shares her bright energy.

— Taeyeon


Seohyun pointed out Tiffany’s leadership and sense of responsibility that made her the best artist.

Honestly, even during our Girls’ Generation promotions, Tiffany’s role was ‘Manager Tiffany’, ‘Producer Tiffany’, ‘Stylist Tiffany’, and such.

She has leadership and responsibility.

— Seohyun


Sunny expressed her worry for Tiffany’s vigorous schedule and reminded her that all of the members were so proud of her.

She has the tendency to be thorough and detailed, so she gets stressed often and would start losing weight.

I’m slightly worried that she’s been having difficulties physically, but…

We’re all so proud of you, so I hope you can enjoy it a little bit more.

— Sunny


After watching her members’ special messages, Tiffany couldn’t hold back her tears as she covered her face to cry.


She then revealed that she’s only able to continue pursuing her solo career in the States thanks to the love and support from her members!

I was able to pursue this challenge thanks to my members’ support, and they’re support is what keeps me going.

— Tiffany


It’s no wonder how each and every member of Girls’ Generation are thriving in their own individual careers – they have such supportive sisters lifting each other up!

Source: Seoul News

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