Tiffany Dishes On Her New Home That She Purchased In America

Girls’ Generation sleepover at her new house? Check!

Tiffany Young recently sat down for an interview where she revealed that she’s officially a homeowner in the US! She confidently claimed, “I’m proud to have bought my own home.


Not only is she proud, but her aunt and the employee at the bank were proud of her as well! And her new house must definitely be one of luxury and size considering the bank employee’s initial reaction!

The house pictured has no affiliation to Tiffany.

I went to the bank with my aunt to sent money and organize my documents, and the employee asked, ‘Do you live alone? How old are you?’ He told my aunt, ‘You must be very proud.’ It made me feel good to hear that.

— Tiffany


Tiffany claimed that she “feels like one of the independent women from an American drama who lives alone.” She’s become “so full of energy that [her] music writing has become easier“!


So the question had to be asked… Will there be a Girls’ Generation sleepover at her new place? Most definitely, and it’s already started!

They’re visiting in order. When I told them I had set up a guest room after purchasing my new place in the States, the members were all excited to come visit.

Whenever we met up in Korea, we usually met up at my place. It seems it’ll happen the same way in the States as well.

It’s always so fun to meet my members in America.

— Tiffany


So the only question remains… How do we get invited to a Girls’ Generation sleepover?!

Source: isplus